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Feng Shui Romance And Relationship Area – Feng Shui Tips For Attracting Love Into Your Life

Feng Shui Romance And Relationship Area

For enhancing your love life, increase passion and harmony in your existing relationships or marriage, to attract more energies to find your perfect mate or just to generally attract more romance, there are many feng shui tips that can help. Feng Shui Romance And Relationship Area

These feng shui tips work by creating a good balance of yin and yang-female and male energies. If activated and enhanced, it leads to happiness in personal relationships. Whether you are seeking to strengthen an existing relationship or planning to attract a new love or more romance, feng shui tips can be used easily and effectively.

There are many ways of activating the love and relationships area. Here are a few tips. Images of you and your partner in photo frames or paintings are ideal for bedroom feng shui. Furniture in the bedroom should also be soft with no hard or sharp edges. You should also avoid placing any kind of electronic device or equipment in the bedroom as it can disrupt the peace and intimacy of the room.

This means no tvs or computers!

Entertainment in the form of television, radios, computers and video games kill the intimacy of a bedroom. Read romantic poetry instead for preparing you mentally for romance. These feng shui tips are most effective if you visualize and clear any mental negativity that could block your chances of love.

Bedding is also key to creating a good, intimate, romantic atmosphere. Treat yourself to plush fabrics and fluffy cushions that make you never want to leave your bed. Making your sleeping space a little bit smaller encourages you to snuggle more. Learn to prepare for company. Clear out a dresser or drawer, leave a few empty hangers, keep a spare set of toiletries. If you make your place inviting enough and give off a vibe that you are very willing to share your precious space, opportunities for romance will come. Feng Shui Romance And Relationship Area

A good symbol for increasing romantic energies is a figure of two mandarin ducks in the bedroom. The ducks symbolize marital happiness.

Crystals or reddish lights placed in the southwest corner of your house, together with lit candles and roses (without thorns, of course) are also simple ways of activating and enhancing personal relationships. Peonies are said to be a good cure in Feng Shui for enhancing love and relationships. Never place real flowers or plants in the bedroom however. If you must, fake flowers can be used.

Add a framed picture of your and your loved one in this area, to increase your fondness for each other even more. If you don’t have a partner but are looking to attract one, you can still display images of happy couples in this corner. Use these to replace solo pictures and sad, moody ones. Create cozy and intimate seating arrangements with sofas, chairs and love seats. A free flowing arrangement signifies that you are ready and open for a new relationship.

Make your relationship area-usually at the far right area of your home-intimate and inviting. Place a love seat and install mood lighting. Create an intimate and romantic atmosphere for your bedroom. Keep it a private retreat. Move pictures of your family, kids’ artwork, etc. someplace more fun and active. Use warm colors like pink and red to enhance your love life considerably. Use a wide array of color, from soft to bold, to enhance romance. Feng shui tips for colors that are optimal for boosting this energy are pink, salmon, coral, scarlet, crimson and burgundy. Feng Shui Romance And Relationship Area

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